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Nette Nette Jongens


Friday December 27th 2019

KOFA Vlaardingen 22.30h

KOFA is a small, alternative stage near Rotterdam.


Nette Jongens consists of Mark (bass), Nette (vocals), Dennis (guitar), Tjebbe (drums) and Michiel (guitar). We allready knew eachother and have been making music for quite some years. Some of us worked together occasionaly or in other formations. Only recently we formed a band.

We like to play Nineties hits from Radiohead, Skunk Anansi, The Guano Apes, U2 …and we make them songs sound fierce! We love to be on stage and perform for you! Please join us in our zest!

Due to our short existence, this website is still under construction, but in a short while we’d like to share all about us with you. There’ll be videoclips, stories and – ofcourse – a book us button. So stay tuned!

Don’t hesitate to book us allready, though, cause we’re ready to rock and pump up the party! Email us now at: or leave a message at: 06 286 448 70 (Nette)